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Very positive! "Hollywood's Greatest Themes" CD, etc. 12/06/2017
I know I will thoroughly enjoy the CD and I will prize it . Your amazing talent to truly a gift. "Hollywood's Greatest Themes" CD - Autographed 11/24/2017
Great stuff, love it. I only wish there was autographed vinyl for sale, I'd so bought it. Guitar Picks: Design C, etc. 11/18/2017
Never received my order... 8x10 Autographed Self Portrait Collection: A 09/25/2017
Prompt and trustworthy shipping of the world's greatest cellist's albums. I have ordered many times. "Eternity" CD 09/19/2017
It's illegal to be as beautiful and talented as you are in some countries. 8x10 Autographed Photo #1 09/18/2017
Had no problems at all Digital Download: Cello Duet Sheet Music: 'I Lost , etc. 09/15/2017
I still haven't received my print 8x10 Autographed Photo #10 09/13/2017
I love the photo so awesome 8x10 Autographed Photo #1 09/07/2017
Fast shipping and packaged nicely. Thank you!!! 8x10 Autographed Photo #1, etc. 09/06/2017
I bought 3 CDs and 2 came with a broken case, and the other was not broken because it was Digipack. "Hollywood's Greatest Themes" CD, etc. 09/04/2017
Love the pic! I'm a little bit unhappy about the autograph, however. It's smudged! 8x10 Autographed Photo #1 09/02/2017
Website was easy to navigate and products delivered quickly to international buyer "Eternity" CD - Autographed, etc. 08/15/2017
easy to use, well packaged + I got some bonus items included. 8x10 Autographed Photo #3, etc. 08/12/2017
. BUNDLE 2: CELLO METAL 08/08/2017
Hello Tina, the CDs I ordered arrived in a good state. No AWB# available though. "Hollywood's Greatest Themes" CD - Autographed, etc. 07/25/2017
Always on time, gread product and received in perfect condition! "Cello Metal" CD - Autographed 07/24/2017
Great and fast shipping! "Autumn Winds" CD 07/23/2017
Quick fulfillment and well-packed. Thanks. BUNDLE 2: CELLO METAL, etc. 07/20/2017
Was shipped promptly. Very trustworthy. "Hollywood's Greatest Themes" CD, etc. 07/17/2017
Excellent and no problems "Cello Metal" CD, etc. 07/05/2017
Seamless transaction. "Hollywood's Greatest Themes" CD 07/04/2017
Great photo! On time delivery! 8x10 Autographed Photo #9 06/26/2017
Amazing I have known Tina by Bonamassa's .. June, 23rd .. Carnegie hall "Autumn Winds" CD - Autographed 06/23/2017
I knew Tina by Bonamassa's .. Joe's official site for purcahsing his last Carnegie Hall event .. Jun "Autumn Winds" CD - Autographed 06/23/2017
Everything was perfect, thank you. Guitar Picks: Design C, etc. 06/22/2017
Very easy no problems "Hollywood's Greatest Themes" CD - Autographed 06/12/2017
Very easy to make a order and beautiful site ! "Eternity" CD - Autographed, etc. 06/11/2017
Un grand merci à vous pour la rapidité de la transaction ! CD reçu sans contrainte ! "Hollywood's Greatest Themes" CD 05/27/2017
Might have to send back because plastic case is cracked. We have not opened to see if the CD is okay "Autumn Winds" CD 05/27/2017
Very quick given the distance, thanks! "Hollywood's Greatest Themes" CD - Autographed 05/18/2017
First of many! "Hollywood's Greatest Themes" CD - Autographed 05/12/2017
Safe arrival plus a "Thank You" inside. Couldn't be happier!!! Thank You!!! "GAME ON!" CD - Autographed 04/25/2017
Superb service and quality product :) 8x10 Autographed Photo #11 04/25/2017
Expensive to import into UK, but nice to have product "GAME ON!" CD - Autographed, etc. 04/25/2017
No complaints about the seller. Postal service finds way to crack CD jewel case. 8x10 Autographed Self Portrait Collection: A, etc. 04/24/2017
Tina is very talented. Great packaging "GAME ON!" CD - Autographed 04/24/2017
Just order Tina Guo game on autograph and I'm positive and sure I will get a great album. "GAME ON!" CD - Autographed 04/09/2017
no problems, everything fine :) "GAME ON!" CD - Autographed 04/08/2017
Was mailed promptly. You can trust her! "GAME ON!" CD - Autographed 04/07/2017
Love the CD and the auto but I wish it was signed on the inside cover, not the CD case. "GAME ON!" CD - Autographed 04/06/2017
Love the CD's. Just awesome music. "GAME ON!" CD - Autographed, etc. 04/05/2017
Awesome original music & Autographed CD case. Thank You Tina. I even making a unboxing video. "GAME ON!" CD - Autographed 04/05/2017
Worked great! Thanks Tina "GAME ON!" CD - Autographed 04/05/2017
Excellent transaction. Tina Guo's "Game On" CD arrived early and in great condition. Thank you! "GAME ON!" CD - Autographed 03/29/2017
Looks good transaction.But i could not find the option for combined shipment when buy multiple items "GAME ON!" CD - Autographed 03/27/2017
Plane and simple. was easy to find and buy.. can't wait for the CD now.. "GAME ON!" CD - Autographed 03/25/2017
Painless ordering, Options available for payment, Quick and easy "GAME ON!" CD - Autographed 03/21/2017
Entered the store via Facebook and placed the order from my phone. Arrived on time, Love you Tina! 8x10 Autographed Photo #1, etc. 03/18/2017
The store works well and I received the order quickly and nicely packaged. BUNDLE 1: HOLLYWOOD'S GREATEST THEMES 03/13/2017
Very positive feedback. Thanks to the seller Tina Guo for an easy, pleasant transaction. 8x10 Autographed Photo #11 03/13/2017
Brilliant!!!!! "The Journey" CD- Autographed, etc. 03/11/2017
Very quick delivery to the UK, super safe packaging, everything arrived in pristine condition. BUNDLE 1: HOLLYWOOD'S GREATEST THEMES, etc. 02/24/2017
I quickly and safely received my autographed CD. Listening to it right now, a pleasure. Thank you ! "Autumn Winds" CD - Autographed 02/12/2017
Super fast shipping - thank you so much!! 8x10 Autographed Photo #8 01/13/2017
Thanks Tina for sending my pics. They look great 8x10 Autographed Photo #3, etc. 01/09/2017
Recieved this beautiful poster today! 8x10 Autographed Photo #8 01/01/2017
great stuff!! BUNDLE 1: HOLLYWOOD'S GREATEST THEMES 11/18/2016
Thanks for all. "Cello Metal" CD - Autographed 11/08/2016
The package came pretty quickly to Finland. The site was clear and functional. "Autumn Winds" CD - Autographed, etc. 10/25/2016
Gifted the 1st CD..had to have one for myself!! Nathan "Eternity" CD - Autographed, etc. 10/12/2016
Thank You Tina!!! We Love You!!!! "Hollywood's Greatest Themes" CD - Autographed 10/11/2016
Thank You! Amazing music! "Hollywood's Greatest Themes" CD - Autographed 09/25/2016
Prompt efficient service, you cannot ask for more. "Eternity" CD - Autographed 09/23/2016
Your site is easy to navigate. I have low vision so that was very much appreciated. 8x10 Autographed Photo #2, etc. 09/04/2016
Easy to navigate and easy-to-use "Cello Metal" CD - Autographed 08/24/2016
Photo arrived in perfect condition and looks awesome! Will definatley buy again from Tina guo. 8x10 Autographed Photo #2 08/06/2016
Tina is the BEST thats out there right... hands down...cant wait for next recordings to come out... "Hollywood's Greatest Themes" CD - Autographed 07/26/2016
Absolutely awsome CELLO METAL ALBUM & POSTER BUNDLE 07/22/2016
Fast shipping, quality products. Guitar Picks: Design D, etc. 07/16/2016
The only thing that would make it any better would be a tracking number after purchase "Cello Metal" CD - Autographed 06/27/2016
No Problems. Everything was fine. "Cello Metal" CD - Autographed 06/22/2016
I love the CD. I hope she comes too Houston soon. "Cello Metal" CD - Autographed 06/20/2016
Very easy and seamless transaction. Order arrived timely. "Cello Metal" CD - Autographed 06/20/2016
Vielen Dank. Es hat alles gut geklappt. "Eternity" CD - Autographed 06/16/2016
Item received quickly to Ireland. Awesome CD too. Highly recommended. Excellent merchant. "Cello Metal" CD - Autographed 06/16/2016
Never came did the order get lost? 8x10 Autographed Self Portrait Collection: D 06/12/2016
Very well packed and protected. Delivered very quickly too. CELLO METAL ALBUM & POSTER BUNDLE 05/04/2016
Quick delivery got my picture in days. 8x10 Autographed Photo #2 04/30/2016
Very happy w/my order & the time I received it!!! Thank you very much!!! "The Journey" CD- Autographed 04/14/2016
Everything was great "Autumn Winds" CD - Autographed, etc. 03/07/2016
Absolutely wonderful! So glad to get this wonderful work for my collection! "Cello Metal" CD - Autographed 02/13/2016
Excellent and easy transaction. C-Peg: Fighting Poverty & Disease 02/11/2016
Quick shipping, items exactly as described. Tina also included a signed photo, very nice bonus! Guitar Picks: Design A, etc. 02/09/2016
Received the photo quickly and packaged very well. 8x10 Autographed Photo #1 02/06/2016
Great Tina Guo CD and poster, fast shipping, very happy with my purchase! CELLO METAL ALBUM & POSTER BUNDLE 01/18/2016
Very happy with everything.... "Autumn Winds" CD - Autographed, etc. 01/09/2016
Hi Tina, thanks for the merchandise, love the prints (photos) and the CDs. "Eternity" CD - Autographed, etc. 12/24/2015
easy, nice and fast "Autumn Winds" CD - Autographed 12/23/2015
Am very happy with the merchant. CELLO METAL ALBUM & POSTER BUNDLE 12/20/2015
Always Excellent!! 8x10 8-Pack Self Portrait Collection 50% OFF, etc. 12/02/2015
It's here I'm very happy.Thank you very much!! CELLO METAL ALBUM & POSTER BUNDLE 11/18/2015
Music ordered, paid by credit card, acknowledged by site, but no delivery yet--still hoping. Cello Duet Sheet Music: 'Winter Star' by Tina Guo 11/17/2015
Someone on youtube directed me to this and I immediately decided to buy it. I love Tina Guo's music! "Cello Metal" CD - Autographed 11/14/2015
The items from Tina Guo were great! Easy to contact and quick to send! A plus! "Eternity" CD - Autographed, etc. 10/22/2015
Words do not express how big my smile is!. I would write in big red crayon everywhere THANK YOU! "The Journey" CD- Autographed 10/19/2015
Smooth transaction!!! CELLO METAL ALBUM & POSTER BUNDLE 10/15/2015
Fast and the product arrived perfect. Thank you so much Tina! CELLO METAL ALBUM & POSTER BUNDLE 08/29/2015
A great buying experience. The photos are beautiful! 8x10 Autographed Self Portrait Collection: A, etc. 08/23/2015
Doing business with Tina is wonderful. Tina is terrific!!! Her products are spectacular! 8x10 Autographed Self Portrait Collection: C 08/18/2015
Doing business with Tina is awesome. Great album and great service from Tina!!! PRE-ORDER CELLO METAL ALBUM & POSTER PACKAGE 08/18/2015
happy as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRE-ORDER CELLO METAL ALBUM & POSTER PACKAGE 08/13/2015
Packaged good, shipping time was awsum. Can't wait to listen to the CD and hang my signed poster. PRE-ORDER CELLO METAL ALBUM & POSTER PACKAGE 08/09/2015
Shipping from SoCal to SoCal for $9 pretty much sucks. PRE-ORDER CELLO METAL ALBUM & POSTER PACKAGE 07/26/2015
Super customer service/care. PRE-ORDER CELLO METAL ALBUM & POSTER PACKAGE 07/12/2015
Great, as always! PRE-ORDER CELLO METAL ALBUM & POSTER PACKAGE, etc. 06/09/2015
Always a pleasure to deal with this merchant. Fast and accurate shipping. "Eternity" CD - Autographed 05/20/2015
The buying experience was good, but it would be nice if all of the merchandise could be displayed. "Autumn Winds" CD - Autographed 04/20/2015
Great service. Quick turn around from the USA to the UK. many thanks. "Eternity" CD - Autographed, etc. 03/10/2015
Took longer than expected to arrive and the CD had been open before. "Autumn Winds" CD - Autographed 12/13/2014
still do not understand why I was charged the shipping , I thought it would be sent to my email Cello Duet Sheet Music: 'Winter Star' by Tina Guo, etc. 11/05/2014
Thank You very much for more one pearl in my music collection! Cant wait new album! "Eternity" CD - Autographed 10/28/2014
Very quick delivery. Items as described. CDs could maybe do with a bubble wrap sleeve. Many Thanks Limited Edition Autographed "ETERNITY" CD, etc. 04/07/2014
Tina always has the best for her fans. She's a prompt shipper, and the prices are always great! Limited Edition Autographed "The Diamond Wedding" 03/24/2014
Thank you for the beautiful music. Limited Edition Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD, etc. 02/28/2014
Awesome music, fast international shipping, well packaged. A+ Limited Edition Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD 08/30/2013
Everything worked out wonderfully. I am very satisfied. Limited Edition Autographed "ETERNITY" CD, etc. 07/28/2013
I love Tina's music, and CDs from her webstore are @ great price + super fast international shipping Limited Edition Autographed "ETERNITY" CD 07/23/2013
Fast shipping, perfect packaging, everything OK! Cheers from Italy :) 8x10 Autographed Self Portrait Collection: A, etc. 07/18/2013
Quick shipping and the music is just awesome. Love it! Limited Edition Autographed "Autumn Winds" CD 07/11/2013
Everything Tina does is spectacular. She's got things set up so it's extremely easy to buy! Limited Edition Autographed "ETERNITY" CD 07/08/2013
Fast service and even autographed personally to me. Thank you! PRE-ORDER: Limited Edition Autographed "ETERNITY" 06/17/2013
Worked great. I received it quickly and had no problems. PRE-ORDER: Limited Edition Autographed "ETERNITY" 05/20/2013
A perfect experience as always with Tina. John Sutton PRE-ORDER: Limited Edition Autographed "ETERNITY" 05/12/2013
Tina's an amazing person to deal with! I will be back for more! Limited Edition Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD, etc. 02/05/2013
quality product, quick shipping, Exceptional Lady 8x10 Autographed Self Portrait Collection: A 12/21/2012
This is a beautiful album and the delivery was speedy. Keep up the great work! Limited Edition Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD 11/28/2012
amazing ! Limited Edition Autographed "Autumn Winds" CD 10/04/2012
initial order was messed up, Tina got it corrected immediately. Thank you! Limited Edition Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD, etc. 10/04/2012
Perfect Limited Edition Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD 09/18/2012
Impeccable merci pour le cd dédicacée Tina ^-^ Limited Edition Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD 08/19/2012
Everything arrived as promised Limited Edition Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD 07/26/2012
Great transaction. Thanks for the quick shipping. Limited Edition Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD, etc. 06/29/2012
quick delivery and great pics and quality! 8x10 Autographed Self Portrait Collection: A, etc. 06/13/2012
great service 8x10 Tina Guo Autographed Print Design C 04/05/2012
very good, fast shipping Limited Edition Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD 03/10/2012
Everything arrived quickly and as ordered. The music is wide-ranging and excellent. Thx! Limited Edition Autographed "Autumn Winds" CD, etc. 02/06/2012
Awesome music! Tina is an ultra talent with the cello!You can hear beautiful emotions in every song. Limited Edition Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD, etc. 02/03/2012
Excellent service. I received my items in perfect order and quicker than I expected. Limited Edition Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD, etc. 01/16/2012
Super Fast and Nicely packaged Dynamite package.. Love this girl :D Tina Guo Super Combo Pack 01/14/2012
I love the two albums, you are so talented! Limited Edition Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD, etc. 12/26/2011
Everything received as promised in a timely manner Limited Edition Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD, etc. 11/10/2011
Awesome music and the website made it easy to order. The order came very promptly and neatly packed. Limited Edition Autographed "Autumn Winds" CD, etc. 09/19/2011
everything very good! +++++ Limited Edition Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD, etc. 09/05/2011
tina is fantastic,big fan in every aspect. Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD, etc. 07/29/2011
Arrived on time and as promised. Perfect! Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD 07/17/2011
Excellent seller +++++ Thanks Tina ... Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD 07/11/2011
CD arrived promptly and in good shape. Tina is a sweetheart. Love her :-) Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD 07/09/2011
Many many thanks, the CD is just fantastic! Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD, etc. 07/07/2011
Perfect! Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD 07/07/2011
I recieved the parcel very quickly and in good condition although I'm in France. Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD 07/07/2011
Good shipping time, custom autographed, overall great experience! Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD 07/05/2011
Delivered as stated, perfect transaction! Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD 06/26/2011
Pleasure doing business with Tina. Fast, packaged well Autographed "THE JOURNEY" CD, etc. 06/25/2011
Quickly sent, securely packaged. very pleased! Autographed "Autumn Winds" CD 05/07/2011
I thought I bought an autographed book, but I guess not. Other han that, I have no real complaints. Tina Guo Super Combo Pack 05/06/2011
FAST Shipment, beautiful pick design, hurray for Tina!!! Guitar Picks: Design A 04/23/2011
Very quick delivery and items as described Tina Guo Super Combo Pack 12/17/2010
The package was in very good conditions and the shipping was very fast Tina Guo Super Combo Pack 12/07/2010
Package came quickly and was in good condition. Tina Guo Super Combo Pack 11/23/2010
confusion with shipping information,not sure how to correction the problem Tina Guo: "Autumn Winds" CD 09/08/2010
Excellent ~ Prompt ~ Professional Tina Guo Super Combo Pack 06/21/2010
I wanted an autograph and now I have one from a highly acclaimed artist of which I'm in awe. Perfect Photo: Surprise Grab-Bag 4x6 - 5x7 06/08/2010
Wonderful transaction - super fast shipping Tina Guo Super Combo Pack 05/15/2010
quick Tina Guo Super Combo Pack 05/13/2010
Beautiful CD, fast shipping. Tina Guo: "Autumn Winds" CD 05/05/2010
One of the most beautiful, soul-stirring CD's I've ever purchased Tina Guo: "Autumn Winds" CD 04/19/2010
great disc hope to order her next disc here!! Tina Guo: "Autumn Winds" CD 04/12/2010
This is an excellant seller, fast and best quality. I will be happy to do business with Tina again. Photo: Golden Cello 8x10, etc. 11/04/2009
great transaction! Tina Guo: "Autumn Winds" CD 10/08/2009
good service Tina Guo: "Autumn Winds" CD 03/26/2009
cd even arrived before its release date. fantastic! Tina Guo: "Autumn Winds" CD 03/16/2009